climate control defrost


me and my friend just put in 5 hrs of work to get the climate control out and fix the lights and resolder the connections. now the all the button’s lights work, yet, the defrost is the only button that works. before, the defrost/lower vent sometimes worked (i had to push it real hard and hold it in) and the defrost didnt work at all. now after soldering, it seems to be stuck in defrost mode. when i soldered it, i accidently got solder stuck in between the two pins so instead of the 4 seperate pins for each button, my defrost/low vent, and defrost had 2 pins seperate and 2 pins that had solder blob on them (the blob kinda connected the 2 pins together), do u guys understand? what could be the problem?

(the blob kinda connected the 2 pins together),

Just get either a solder sucker or solder braid to remove the blob after you have heated it up. SOunds like the defrost is getting the juice and locking it up.

:update: i took the climate control out again and we resoldered it, now it has good solders, all the lights work, yet, still only the defrost works! the vents do not work at all…do u think i fried the wires? the light on the buttons still works but it doesnt change over to vents…on a good note, i changed the climate control lights and a/c lights to red, matching my red DA, and we were going to change the LEDs on the buttons to red too, but my friends LEDs didnt fit…d’oh! anyone know where to get those red LEDs?

anyone know where to get those red LEDs?

Radio Shack

You may have cause perminate damage by soldering the two together and hooking it back up. Check all the fuses for the a/c climate control.

Since you took it back out, I’m sure you checked everything twice before inatalling it.

Sorry, don’t have any other ideas…