climate control lights on after car is off

I have a '90 GS teg that i bought a couple years ago off of a local performance shop in the area. When I bought the car I asked what had been done to it. The guy told me he wasn’t sure about everything but he knew that it had the greddy header, a cold air setup, full sport tuned suspension, and different wheels. Since that time I have changed the plugs and wires, along with rebuilding the motor. The problem I am having is with the climate control led’s under the buttons. From the time I bought the car the lights would stay on and drain the battery over time after the car was off. I was told by the guy that it was probably the security system it had in it gone bad and since I didn’t have a remote or anything to it I pulled it out, replaced the battery, and waited. I have since then gotten the lights to go off by pulling out the fuse in the panel under the dash for the condensor fan. After taking it to a shop which told me that my a/c compresor which i new was out had a draw on it and them fixing that. So i have no a/c on it at all right now and can not replace that fuse do to the lights. I have asked numerous people about it and nobody has any idea. The only common thing that has been mentioned is maybe a chipped ecu but its a real long shot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem. It didn’t seem to start until I took out my A/C. The cause definitly isn’t a chipped ECU, as I don’t have one.

bringing up an old thread here… but my teg is also having this problem… does anyone have an ideas… I’ve had a suggestion of checking grounds… but what grounds should I check?.. where?.. if that is even the problem…

bump for my battery still draining!

dont feel bad i am having the same prob … im thinking of replacing the ingnition switch and see what happens…

I fixed mine… I had my fan hard wired positive and negative striaght into the battery… and moving the ground to the chassis fix the problem for me… maybe you should check the groundings on your wiring… if you have anything done special