Climate control lights


does anyone know if there should be a light behind the LCD that displays the set temp in the Digi climate control cuz i cant see nothing at night there

also the manual setting i know it has the cover but are the different settings sposed to light up…i mean the actual picture itself and not the lil green LED above the picture cuz those work… im gonna try and restore these lights…if only i knew how to get the dman thing off without breaking anything.

any help will be appreciated

Just send me your whole car. I’ll send you mine, it has all the bulbs working :shrug:

the manual one is supposed to light up for sure. The screen, I would think it does.

sry I can’t help…

thats fuckin sweet, u got a digital climate control, lol

any idea how to get behind there to change the bulbs??

try the first thread…


I know! It looks like his car is foreign though.

cool right hand driver.

those temp controls are cool. all we have here are manual ones.

ELBOR…- ure link leads to “Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.”

and the xsi came with the digital climate control :inlove:

have any pics of the whole car? :naughty: :gotpics:

Here u go…still n e one has n e idea how to get behind i dont see any scres…pry out???

:cool: :up:

nice car once again…to get behind there, you have to take off the plastic trim piece (the part that goes around the gauge cluster and all) <<<search…its been discussed…then after that is off, you will be able to remove the other parts and take apart/change bulbs…