Clip on LBJ is stuck.

How did you fine people get the clip off the LBJ on the front of your teg. I need to repace my Autozone LBJ because the threads are stripped and it has a lifetime warrenty. Let me know asap guys. I just couldnt get mine off with my ways, so tell me your way,

I used some pliers, I believe they’re called snap ring pliers. They’re made specifically for those clips, and the pliers have points that go into the two holes on the clip.

Any body else?

I used sharp needle nose pliers. Basically the same as the snap ring pliers… kind of

try using something to hit the ball joint in some more with a certian size socket that covers enough space not to “dent” just one spot. then use those snap ring pliers to get it out. try some liquid wrench if it still dont move. you can also get a punch or screwdriver and a hammer and hit it right on one end of the clip to turn it to get the rust off. hth

I used ATF to eat rust, Did the sockety to hit the hole thing down, and then hit the clip, and the whole LBJ turned, not the clip. :mad: I am ready to drill it out!

just get some snap ring pliars. they make working with circlips much easier.

they are like pliars, but the 2 halves don’t cross, so when you squeeze the tips get further apart.

I have some snapon with broken tips now. :shrug: I hate LBJ replacement. It was replaced back in november when I did my auto-5spd swap. :mad: I shouldn’t be this “stuck!”

go warrenty your snap-on snap ring pliers and try to turn the clip some how to get it loose. when it budges then use the snap ring pliers to get it out.

Yea, I have to wait for the truck to come. :shrug: Damn Imports