clock and car stereo dies help!!!

i have a 1990 da and in the summertime when it gets hot my car stereo and clock shuts off for no reason and then magically turn on by them selfves.this is irritating because everytime this happens i have to reset all the functions on my stereo.please help!!!

Check fuse 14 - 15A, [hot at all times] in under dash fuse box, I would replace it with a new one.

Question, is it a stock HU or aftermarket?

If aftermarket, what is the make and model? 94

after market its a poineer deh-p5000ub yo thnks il check those fuses 4 shure tomorow!!

i changed the stereo fuse i hope it works

I would also rewire the HUs constant power, [yellow].

Instead of connecting it to the stock radio harness constant power, [fuse 14] run a fused 12ga lead from the batt. to behind the Hu and connect the HUs constant power to it, also add a 12ga ground from the chassis of the HU to the cars chassis, if you use a metal back support off back of HU to stock rear support bracket, [as you should be] you do not need the 12ga ground. 94

thanks meng