Clock question

i recently did the “make ur clock light up red/orange” and it’s making the clock LCD dimmer. Is there a way that i can take apart the clock and replace the little transistors and electrical stuff with stronger equipment to make it light up stronger? i have no problem getting access to those little pieces cuz my brother owns a electrical assembly shop. So what im wondering is if anyone knew which resistor or parts control the light brightness on the clock? also my power window on passenger side is really weak, it rolls the window up slow as hell! so my guess is the motor is going bad, think i can take the motor apart and replace the electrical components to make it run like new again?

no one knows?

the answer is no!
not sure how you changer your , but i changed mine to blue and everything is perfect(bit to bright some time i find)

how did you do it and how much did it cost?

3 layers of transparent red paper over the LCD screen, is that the same as u?

changing the color of your clock sounds pretty cool. exactly how would one go about doing this. gracias

basically u remove the clock, pop open the tabs so u can see the circuit chip of the clock, and place colored transparent papers in front of the LCD screen…it mite take 2 or 3 layers depending on the intensity of the color…but for red, so far it turns dim for me…still trying to find a cure

i did the same thing but with blue, and only 2 layers, but i’d guess this is becasue green turns to blue much eazier

you can take out the purplish browinsh lense it won’t look to bad it you take soem time ot fit a peice of the flim in the same spot

where would I get some of this tranparent film. I want some in green.


also, in addition to “where to get” … is there a teg-tip for this? or does anyone have a how-to? if someone informs where to get it, i’ll take pictures and make a tip :slight_smile:

highfructose - no, there isn’t a teg-tips, (should be huh) but the website i got the idea from is this → , got it from, its for a DC but basically the same route, i also redid all my buttons and climate controls, so it all lights up red.

Socekim12 - as for transparent paper, i got my red paper from the strobe light filter, im sure if u check kinko’s or hobby stores, they might have it. if you’re looking to change the clock to green, ur in luck because it’s the easiest color to do. basically there is a brownish/purple cover on the clock, once u take apart the clock u’ll know what im talking bout, but yea, just remove that and the clock’s LCD screen will be green…just also noticed that 1lowteg said the same thing…

O ok thanks. Ill do that this weekend.

what kind of paper


Just wanted to know what kind of colored paper you used for this process? Does any kind see-thru colored paper do the thing ?


Re: what kind of paper

Originally posted by martyP

Just wanted to know what kind of colored paper you used for this process? Does any kind see-thru colored paper do the thing ?

Thanks. [/B]

go to a a dj shop and ask for a “gel” come in any color you want cost me $8 buck a sheet (2X2 ft)

i think that in Canada you can get it in stores like Canadian tire or so…
states most likely it will be Pep Boys or Michaels…
not sure tho.

did anybody answer this question? i think theres a wire that u can cut and it will stop dimming when the interior lights go on. does anyone know which wire it is?

I believe it’s white and black wire.
Try it, i cut mine but i don’t remember which one 100%.
You can always rewire it back; although, i am sure its the white/black wire.

Groove D; I tried your idea, wasn’t successful.

I have four wires. A red POWER wire, a black GROUND wire, a yellow ILLUMINATION wire, and a white green striped wire. I cut the yellow and white green striped wire and all I had was problems. I’m not even going to try to cut the power or ground wire because that would just kill the clock.

Maybe I have different wires than you, could you possibly check what color wire it was you cut?

The only thing close to the white/black wire you were talking about is the ground. It is totally black, but has a silver “rectangle” every inch or so down the wire.

Ok, the helms manual says it’s the RED/BLK so I’m guessing it’s just the red one.

RED/BLK - Lights on signal
BLK - Ground
YEL - IG1 (Main clock power display)
WHT/BLU - Constant Power (Time Memory)

Is it really the red wire?

Was this ever confirmed to be true? Sorry to reply to such an old post but I just have to know for sure before I cut it. Also for those that want to make the clock blue, wouldn’t adding yellow film to the stripped lense be better since yellow and green make blue?

Yellow and green make blue? Not when I’ve tried. Isn’t it yellow and blue make green? You know, like the zip lock bags.