Clock restarts itself

My cousin plug some type of air compressor powered by a 12 volt cig lighter such as in our cars. that shit started to overhead and smell, so i pulled it out. now everytime i shut off the car, the clock restarts. also if i plug something into the cig lighter, the trunk light in the cluster dims and so does the clock. when i open the trunk, the clock shuts off. can someone plz help.

Have you checked the fuses, including the ones in the under hood fuse box?

Also if things got hot and you could smell something, wiring may be burnt, I would check the wiring for the lighter, pay close attention to the ground.

Check fuse 23, in under dash fuse box, a 7.5A hot at all times fuse for the trunk/hatch warning light and the trunk/hatch light itself, BTW does the trunk/hatch light work? :hmm:94

do your dome lights and map lights work inside? if not, your clock/radio/dome fuse is blown…same thing hapened to me before, my brother installed my CD player, and he did a short circuit (touched ground on + lol ) and the fuse blew…changed it and it was fine after

Where is fuse 23? the trunk/hatch light use to work before but now it dont.

my dome and map lights work, but they dont come on when the door is open, anyone got a picture or diagram of what fuse is what under the dash?

Yes the under dash fuse box… they should be numbered. :idea: 94

The dome and map light fuse is fuse 14 a 15A fuse but if the lights work the fuse is good, the map lights do not work off the door only the switch, if the dome light works but not off the door then your door pin switches are bad, [probably corroded] remove them and try and clean them or just get new ones.
To test the door pin wiring, unplug the pin switch, [make sure dome light switch is in the door position] then touch the pin switch terminal to a ground, you may have to scrape some rust around pin switch hole. :think: 94

i got it fixxed, it wasnt the the sunroof fuse but the # 14 fuse. thanks guys!