Clunk noise hard to pinpoint (Help)

Upon light acceleration, I would here a faint clunk noise coming from the drivers side. The clunk sound goes away at normal cruising. It only happens from a dead stop to light accel. Can you guys give me a list of what or where you think the clunk noise is at? I took it to two different mechanics to check it out. One said its the brakes the other said its the drivers axle. I was hoping both would say the same thing. Now I dont trust any of them.

More info:
Two inch drop with yellow koni struts neuspeed springs. Had since 2005. The rest stock suspension. No camber kit.

Heres what I think they are:

Ball joints
Top hat not tight?

How sure were the mechanics that checked your “clunking”? Kinda retarded if they didn’t give you a definite answer if it was either the brakes or axle? Checking those two would give you a definite answer, there’s really no guessing if it was or not.

But anyways… I had the same clunking on takeoff before and it turned out to be my axle. Jack up the car and grab the cv joint and see if it has a lot of play. Also, look for grease shooting out every which way… sometimes the boot might not rip but the axle will still be bad.

Another “clunking on takeoff” causes could be your rear motor mount… check that to see if the rubber is ripped or cracked. Most likely those two will cause clunk on takeoff.

Ball joints and tierods tend to clunk while your driving… well unless they are really really bad then maybe they will clunk on takeoff.

Yeah I was thinking more of the driver axle. I’ll check it out this weekend.