Clunks under load?

I have a 90 GS thats pretty much all stock. When I start my car in the morning and drive, its all good for then i start to feel this clunking come as I drive longer. It starts to get more harsh like the going up the wooden rollercoaster and only when its under load, pretty much at any RPM/speed but clunk rate is according to speed. If I park my car for like 20-30 mins, its gone and starts to come back again as I drive it more.

The axles look good, no rips in the boots, the mounts look good, didn’t find freeplay shifting the hub around… could this be tranny related?

Try to see if there is any plan in the CV joints. When I replaced my axles the one with the torn boot was fine, and the one that looked fine was really bad.

oh man, thanks for the heads up, you are so right… both axles look perfectly fine, no leaks, no rips buuuttt… there is freeplay at the inner cv joint on one of them…