Cluster swap

I scrapped my 88 ls a few years ago, but I kept a few things off of the car that I thought might be of some use at a later date. I kept the gauge cluster and dash harness thinking that it might come in handy for someone wanting to do a complete swap on their 86-87. Today I was playing around with my 93 rs and I had the cluster out of it messing with some wiring. Then I got the crazy idea to try and fit the 88 cluster in it. as far as physically fitting, it does, although the shapes are slightly different. nothing that some trimming couldn’t fix. when it comes to the wiring, the 88 has 3 plugs on the cluster, the 93 has 3 as well, but 2 of them are different sizes. Although, the left side plug is the exact same, and it plugged right in to the 88 cluster.

My hope is to figure out the wiring differences and get the cluster to operate correctly, as they are both speedo cable. If I can do this, it should be just the reverse to get a g2 cluster to work in a g1. I know that there aren’t many cool clusters out there for the g1, and the availability is quite scarce. However jdm g2 clusters are a dime a dozen, and for those with a b series vtec swap in their g1, having a 9500 rpm tach certainly wouldn’t hurt. and neither would the 145 mph speedometer of the u.s. g2 cluster. If I can get it to work, and there’s enough interest, I may create a plug and play harness to utilize a g2 cluster in a g1, and possibly vis-versa, although I don’t really know why someone would want to downgrade to a g1 cluster.

Does anyone have a thorough and clear wiring pinout of the cluster, in color, with the functions of each wire, and the locations in the plugs on the g2? Some of the coloring, I’m sure has faded over the last 22 years.

I made this same post on g1teg to get a pinout for the g1 as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.