Clutch Adjustment?

Im not sure if it is posted anywhere, if it is could someone put up a link. Anyway i was woundering how you adjust your clutch on 93 g2

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There is two adjustment one on the tranny end and the other on the clutch pedal end.

The book says that you should have about 4.0 to 5.0 mm of free play at the release arm or .16 to .20 in. This is done with the adjusting nut under the hood. You may also have to adjust the bolt on the other end of the cable under the dash to get the free play on the cluch pedal. It should be 15-20 mm or .59-.79 in Just turn the adjusting bolt to bring the clutch pedal stroke to the proper specification. There is a lock nut on the end under the dash.

thanks dude this was helpful.
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When adjusting the pedal under the dash becareful to be sure are adjusting the right one. There are 2 of them and I think the lower one is the one you need to adjust. I just did mine last month and it made all the difference in the world!!!
I had to adjust the cable at the tranny first then the pedal after that go back and make sure the tranny is still adjusted right. Mine moved and I had to readjust it again. Had way too much tension on my cable before I made the adjustments so I had to give it A LOT of slack!

I have tried adjusting the clutch at the cable on the transmission with the knob. Turning it in either direction seems to make no change.

Can I adjust it at the pedal? My problem is that the release point is a little to far out towards me, i.e. I have to let my foot almost all the way out before it takes.

mine grabs towards the top also.i guess its just worn.i tightened my cable under the hood and it grabs beter. there was way to much slack on the arm when i first got the car.just try tightning the cable. righty tighty till there is almost no slack at the arm. see what that does. im thinking i need a clutch soon , so thats the why it had slack

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Sorry to bring back an old thread but listen to this problem. My car was stolen about 2 weeks ago, I got it back the next day and about a week later my car stopped going into gear when I was stopped, I had to put about 75 lbs behind the shifter to get it into gear, then when I popped the hood didn’t touch nothing but turned engine off and on a few times after a span of 10 minutes put it in gear again and it went right in. But now I’m getting a problem to where my clutch engages like about an inch or 2 above the floor (all the way in). It always engaged about half way up. When I switch gears when I’m driving it only goes into gear at a certain rpm for each gear. When I start rolling in first from a stop, I barely let the clutch out and it starts making a loose grinding sound like hollow metal grinding and stops when the clutch is fully engaged, or if I jus have the clutch in and the shifter is in 1st it makes that same sound real softly.

1)Do you guys think I can adjust the clutch to have it engage like it was before? If so would I have to turn the adjuster clockwise or counterclockwise?

2)What do you guys think that problem is: clutch, pressure plate, synchros, etc.?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated


Sounds like your clutch is hardly engaging at all. So first things first, get a buddy and have him push the clutch pedal in while your looking at the cable underneath the hood. See if its traveling like it should, and measure the slack as previously said in the thread.

Sounds good imma try that one tomorrow

For inteezyguy,
Here’s a link of what happened to mine. Throw-out bearing.

Yea I’m thinking it is the throw out bearing ()

Yea I’m thinking it is the throw out bearing (from what I been reading, and other peeps problems). Ok so I was just outside about to adjust the cable. My cable has no slack with the clutch out, right above the black part that looks like it has finger grooves to turn it there’s about 2.5 inches of threads on the top part of cable. Should that length of threads be showing or should it show a little less. What did u guys use to adjust it cuz I used my hand and mine was on there pretty tight.

Update: I adjusted my clutch cable I unscrewed it about 5 times around, and it put more slack on the cable. Now it does seem a little easier when I put it in any gear when I’m stopped but when I’m moving and try and put it in 2nd or 3rd it still waits til it hits around 3k to go into gear and my clutch pedal feels looser now which it never did feel like that even before this problem. What u guys think? Thanx

Your cable might just be worned out. My cable just broke today after having 2 days of having the same symptoms as you.

I also had a spring loose on my clutch disc.
I got it all replaced, and my car drives fine again.

Nevermind on my previous post, it’s not the cable. I’ll be trying to get everything open tomorrow to see what the problem is.