clutch adjustment

ok heres whats going, every once in awhile my clutch will engage at the very bottom, and itll grind when downshifting into 2nd (randomly), and itll grind when downshifting into 3rd on the highway, and now it grind from 3rd to 4th on the highway

my question is how do i adjust it? does it need adjusted? is my trans just bad? is my cable bad?
i have a brand new stage 3 6 puck clutch

what should i do?

check tranny fluid

Yes, check the fluid. But I’m betting on your clutch cable is stretching due to the extra pressure of a new/performance clutch. Try adjusting it. On the front of the transmission there is the big arm that comes out, and a cable that pulls the arm up. If you follow the cable up from the arm, there is a bracket and a black nut. Try turning it one full turn clockwise, see if that helps. If not, try one full turn counter clockwise. If it improves the issue, then drive it that way. If it works for a while, and then starts grinding again, your clutch cable is stretching and you’d need to find a new one.