Clutch and Flywheel

I was wondering if you guys could tell me if $500 for an XACT 8.8lbs chromolysteel flywheel and Exedy organic racing clutch is a good pirice. And also if its a good combo and if they two are good individually. Thanks

I’d get an ACT or Clutchmaster clutch…flywheel is nice

I am shopping for these items right now also.
The best deal I have seen for that combo is at They have it for $545 and “when purchasing a clutch/flywheel combo, you will receive pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing (if required), alignment tool and flywheel. Shipping is FREE.”

Where did you find the $500 price?

Hans - what’s wrong with Exedy? I am researching and trying to find the best choice also. I was leaning toward Exedy b/c they don’t use rebuilt pressure plates and they are supply a lot of OEM clutches for japanese cars also.

Anyone else offer any input?

i bought a clutch masters 7.3 lb flywheel (i weighed it myself) and a stage 3 clutch ran me a little over 6 bills. i shopped around and bought the clutch here from a guy and the fly was 300 bones from my local import shop. Together they are “TIGHT”…holds lika mo-fo! in my opinion is the best way to go…shop on-line…you can get the cm fly (7.3 lb) -300 fidanza fly (7.5) -300 exedy street (8.8 lb) -245 or exedy pro (10.0 lb) -265 -( not to sure about that last price…but basically…that’s what it came to…if you have questions about what websites i found those at…holla back!:read:

I was wondering when someone was gonna use this color…

I bought the Exedy Race Clutch and Xact12.5lb flywheel combo for 485 shipped from alls i can say is this combo is great! never could be happier with this setup, clutch pedal is nice and firm, noticed a big improvement in acceleration, over all good deal and great customer service.

just my .02