Clutch Cable Issues

I jus recently changed swapped my LS tranny installed new clutch plate throwout the whole kit… for some reason now my clutch pedal release point is extremely high i did change my clutch cable about 4 months ago i tried adjusting the alignment and its all the way tight… should i jus purchase a new cable or readjust it to the left …also shld i get a OEM cable or a new aftermarket shld b suffice plz help g2ic

Ok,so the clutch engages at a high point? Sounds like the cable is way to tight and needs to be loosen.

what he said, loosen it about half inch and then test it out around the block to get a feel for it. let us know if it worked.

somehow cable wind up being completly shot bushing was done… ordered oem one from oemacuraparts hopefully it arrives soon

make sure you hook the cable at the pedal first before you attach it to the tranny.