Clutch Cable Tip

This applies to all clutch cable owners do not buy plastic clutch cable watch out for them make sure you buy the metal ones the ones with metal threads not plastic threads or else they will crack note I have a stage 2 clutch which my be way mine cracked… After a fresh rebuild of my motor I also replace my clutch with that also my clutch cable as well I drove it like that for less than 2 years all of sudden I was having issues going into gear at a stop but while driving easily shifts into gear I then decided to adjust a clutch cable which it worked for about half a day for a second I thought I had to replace my clutch but then I realize that my clutch cable threads cracked because it was plastic I remember I purchased a clutch cable five years ago just for backup and with luck it had metal threads. the brand I am using now is made by beck arnley. I wil post pictures on the difference soon

I daily drive my DB2 all year round so deal with it

I also have experience with the plastic clutch cable. I paid a shop to replace my motor after first blew and upon identifying ‘trouble’ with my cable, they encouraged purchasing a new one. My new ebay cable works fine, except the plastic ring literally slides up and down without spinning.

To fix, I pull the cable taught, push the plastic as close to the clutch arm as I can, and then torque a hose clamp directly above the plastic ring. This holds it in place for a good while. I usually check whenever I check the oil and need to adjust maybe once or twice a month.

Edit: I daily my DA9 whenever its running… :clap: