Clutch costs

When you guys have relaced your clutches, how much as it cost you in just parts, and those who had it done, how much was the labor?

price for parts is going to depend a lot on what clutch you opt for.

you can spend anything between $250-$500 for the clutch kit alone.

I spent around 350 for the stage 2 kit. As far as labor goes I happen to know a mechanic at the local Acura delership, he installed it for $100 and some clear bumper lights for a G3 teg that I had laying around.

What does the stage 2 kit entail?

“stage 2” is a pretty big generalization, I don’t know why he didn’t even post the brand of clutch. Each brands “stages” will be slightly different.


Sorry about that…I wasnt thinking… Its a CLUTCHMASTERS stage 2 kit. Here is a link to clutchmasters site which explains the features.

Sorry again!!!

as a side note, clutchmasters is a very good company. I’ve heard nothing but good about them. But i’ve also heard great stuff about exedy, act, and centerforce.

i’m most likely gonna be getting an exedy organic clutch. They run $250-$300 and from what i hear are very good. I would get a clutchmasters stage 2 or3, or a centerforce but i just don’t have the $$

If I would have had to pay retail for mine I would have looked elsewhere. GREAT clutch!!! WORTH every penny!!!

91IntegGS:Will you post your likings/dislikes when you get that exedy installed??

yeah, i’ll definitely post up the info.

but i don’t know how conclusive it will be. I’ll be comparing a really horrible condition stock clutch in a non vtec tranny, to a new grippy exedy in a vtec tranny. So, its gonna feel like a whole new beast! I’ll probably take pics of the install as well.

that will be fantastic…good luck

so what’s wrong with the original clutch?
My car is making a clicking noise everytime I lift the clutch pedal to engage a gear (just before I start getting power).
The clutch is heavy and jerking too. so I guess it is time for a shake up…

Why use a different clutch??? anyone has any suggestions?

I agree. The only reason I need a new clutch is because my origional is going after 160,000 miles. I never had any prob with the OEM. Why get a clutchmasters?

new clutch with labor, $800. Just got it back today.

Damn 800? i had mine done for a total of 410. Clutch kit, honda MTF, spindle nut, washers for 230. Another 150 for labor and 30 for resurface. BUT i had G2guru do it for me so labor wasnt that much. Most certified honda service shops around my area quoted me 200 for labor so I saved 50 bones.

I called a place one of my friends goes to, Import Minded in Milwaukee, and they quoted me $650 parts + labor for clutch. How do I find a cheaper, reputable place? I don’t have much faith in small-time mechanics unless someone recommends them or I’ve patronized them in the past. Any help?


i’d suggest you go to and buy an exedy organic disc clutch. It should be under $300 shipped. I’ve heard good things about them.

then have it installed by a mechanic in your area, or do it yourself.

It’s not so much the cost of parts but of labor. I know I can get the clutch for $188 at clutchcity but I haven’t the tools nor the garage to do it myself. And I stated above my view on “local mechanics”. What’s a fair price for someone without connections?


i have a clutch masters for a 90-1 that i bought by mistake for my 92-3. (diff. grooves on the input shaft) so ive had it in the box, in a file cabinet,for a while now… if anyones is interested f/s or trade. email@ thank’s… ~Andee…

If a shop quotes you a price DONT take their word for it. Get in writing or something. The shop mine was done at quoted me $550 and after they were all done they told me it was going to be like $720. I was pissed so I fought with them and got it lowered to $650. Now its going out (its been 10,000, and I drive it nice) and they’re being dicks about it and wont replace it (its under warrenty still). I gone in about 6 times since mid november. Be careful who puts it in.


i know a good guy in LA, if you need. lil more expensive on some things but hes been doing hondas for like 24 years now. very smart, very reliable work, all genuine honda/acura parts, hes the owner and hes got 5-7 guys working for him now. ~Andee…