clutch feelin weird

i just installed a new clutch an exedy stage 1 clutch in my car. i noticed tha lately the pedal or somthing is making a weird noise. it sounds like a creeky door, the pedal feels kind of weird too, it feels like when you run your finger over clean glass kind of quick and the finger gets stuck and unstuck to the glass. know what i mean? anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?

You need to lube / replace your clutch cable.

The exedy pressure plate is more resistant than your stock one, and it’s showing in your need to replace the clutch cable.

Don’t let that thing break, or you will be stranded.

and also - don’t forget to break in your clutch properly. Easy driving for 500 miles!

I’m having the same problem. And I’ve got a OEM Honda clutch cable still in the bag. When it gets installed in a few months ( after winter) I’ll let ya know if that fixes it :stuck_out_tongue:

i iam thinking that the cable could probably use a replacement. Im pretty sure that it is the original cable. I should probably order one and get it replaced soon and see if that was the problem. thanks guys.