Clutch Freeplay / Engagement

I hate how my clutch works right now. When I first bought the teg, the clutch was slipping a lot. I replaced it at some random ass shop. I found out that I could lift the clutch really far up before anything happened, and the freeplay was fatter than my ass. I went to Honda, and told them to make it engage faster, and that i don’t want such a big margin of error. Sure they said they adjusted the cable, but that’s it. No change. What can I do?

I actually told honda to put in a the prelude clutch system into my old accord, and that feels great. It’s so easy to stall if you’re not paying attention, but you just barely lift your foot and bam it engages all the way. so much more control…

But i’m so frustrated with my teg. I think i’m losing power because it might not be totally engaged and is burning out all the time. And plus, it’s so heavy that when I drive my accord or my friend’s teg or my friends civic, i’m so unused to how light it is and I always pound down on their clutch, and they’re like “DUDE”.


Is this problem because of my clutch freeplay or is the clutch just sh!tty as hell?

I got no pics…u got a manual? adjust your clutch cable. OK, here’s what you do. Remember tha big fat cable on the back of ur vavle cover? thatz ur clutch cable. Follow it to the front of the car. You will find that there are threads and a thing which u can spin…(bad english…brain’s dead right now…sorry).

Pull the cable so that spinner is free to move, and spin it back and forth until you get ur desired play.

E-DA9, Is this the adjusting nut you’re talking about?

yes, that is the nut you turn to adjust the clutch engagement/freeplay.

the clutch on my old accord was shot. It kept slipping, and as time passed and it got worse i’d have to adjust the clutch about once every two weeks.

Clockwise or counter clockwise to shorten engagement and freeplay?


that scan is from which manual?

Armandy, it’s from the 90 Helms manual.


yea i have the same problem…

and i was wondering which way do u turn to shorten the engagement??

clockwise or counterclockwise???

I have the Haynes and it doesn’t have that kind of diagrams… is it worth getting the Helms? So far the Haynes has guided me through all the repairs, but some were not easy. It just doesn’t give me enough!

The Helms manual is as good as it gets. the best out there. Cost around $50 but cheaper if you buy used. Make sure you get one for your model year.