clutch grind???

ok so i have a 1992 acura integra gsr. ys1 tranny

problem: just happened recently. everytime i step on the clutch pedal i feel this grinding feeling on my foot. and its really hard to shift. it gets worst when i get from 4th to 5th. also there was one time that i couldnt shift to any gears. i had to turn the car off and on to be able to move it again. could it be that my clutch cable is loose?? or needs adjusting? or do i need a new clutch. i really dont know whats wrong. i feel the grind in the freeplay zone if that makes sense. also i get this whinning noise when i go from neutral to first gear. i searched all around and im contemplating that it might be the clutch cable. any help???

u might wanna consider getting a new clutch cable whether or not its bad. its probably due. next, ur throw out bearing and or ur pilot bearing probably need replacing.

if the whining noise is more prominent while ur in neutral with ur foot off the clutch pedal, then its the pilot bearing. if the noise is more prominent while ur foot is holding the clutch pedal down, then its ur throw out bearing. either way, u probably need a whole complete clutch master set. that includes, the clutch and pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and some lube. u should consider getting a flywheel too or at least getting ur flywheel resurfaced.

it feels nasty everytime i would step on the clutch too btw. so your saying i need new everything. and how much would that be plus labor??? should i try to adjust the cable first or dont do anything. and it doesnt make a whinning noise when its in neutral only when i start from first or second. Oh BTW i hear clicking noise or grinding but its not constant and when i go from a gear to neutral i hear noise also.

sounds like your throw out bearing is destroyed.

:iagree: but i also think that ur pressure plate is getting damaged as well. the fingers might be F’d up too.

so thats all that might be wrong with it??? sorry i dont really know anything about the transmission. will it be cheaper to buy a clutch kit?

also where can i order a new throw out bearing??? can i just get any b series cltch? or do i have to specify that its a 1st gen gsr tranny?

It’s better to get a clutch kit cause it comes with everything, the disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and alignment tool. Any of your local autozone, pepboys, Orielly’s(kragen) will have the kit. You could also look on ebay and various other sites the sale import parts in a variety of names or no name brands and stage packages(if thats what your looking for).

do you guys think this one will do??

it should work as long as its specific to your ys1 tranny. (couldn’t find that on site). I made the mistake of ordering a 94-01 tranny clutch on my cable LS tranny and i wiped out my clutch in 2 weeks because the splines are different.

the 92+ integras all have the same clutch…only the 90-91 have different spline counts. I recommend that you use a OEM honda throwout bearing instead of the one that comes with the kit.

[QUOTE=iiaznxflipxboii;2032405]do you guys think this one will do??[/QUOTE]

that clutch will do just fine. just specify your year when you order it.

i can order the bearing at any dealership right?

at any acura dealership or honda dealership. but for honda u need to let them know the year and model of the honda u want. example: 99-2000 civic si.

just get the clutch master kit from somewhere for cheaper n stuff. u can go ebay but look around. try ur local parts stores, or local performance shops.

You should also get the clutch release spring (4 bucks) and a rear main crankshaft seal (21 bucks) from Honda. Those items can fail and replacement requires removal of the clutch.

very true. thx for catching that.

thanks for the help guys. could it be just my clutch cable alignment??

also… when has there ever been a need to align the clutch cable? as long as its hooked in the proper locations, has the right amount of free play, doesn’t bind or doesn’t stretch… then you are ok. it should relate smooth movement of the clutch lever. the pedal should have about 1/2" of free play (movement u can put on the clutch b4 u feel tension).

okay thanks so its really just the clutch then, i was hoping it would just be the alignment

ITS YOUR CLUTCH ASSEMBLY. its best to inspect and replace EVERY part that is worn or bad. the throw out bearing, pilot bearing, fork spring, are things u should replace with ur clutch and pressure plate.