Clutch help

My clutch is fine but 4th gear grinds. I was going to replace the MTF and then adjust the clutch wire. How would I go about doing that?

Search the archives for the link to a Helms manual. That should answer your question. If you’re unsure, then post again here.



I have a repair book but sometimes it helps to hear it from someone who has done it. My book leaves a lot to be desired sometimes.

Jack up the passenger side of the car and take of the wheel all the way in there you will see the bolts one of them is round wit a 3/8 square and one that is a 17mm TAKE THE 17mm off first, becuase if you drain before you fill (like i did this weekend) you will be screwed if the bolt to fill is siezed. Take the bold of and then take of the drain bolt off use a oil pan to collect all the oil. reclose the drain and use a funnel with a hose to fill the fluid in you will use 2.2-.5l of fluid. reclose it and ur done. to adjust the clutch o nbthe pasencer side of the car to the left of the engine near the intake you will see whit nob im not sure wich way to turn to grab closer or further from the floor but fiddle with it.

hey wasup, a month back or so, i did my own clutch job, i posted pics, im not sure they went to archives, wellout of hell, im having problems… i grind 3rd gear(have a shortshifter)… but sometimes i cant get in it w/ out punching the stickshift, also i slip 5th gear all the time. every gear besides is great? i have a sqeeky clutch cable, i know alot of cars, but i like opinions and experiance as well, thats how you learn the most, if any one can help me out, could my trans be going bad? also i was a fraid i put in the fork spring in wroing when i installed, could i have messed someting up …this way, my car is slammed, and i have taken MANY hard bumps…

thanks for help