Clutch Install

Ok, I have searched so don’t flip…anyone replace their clutch and be able to do a write up on some of the basics, like what you need to take off to get at it etc…possibly torque measurments for the various parts?? If this should be in General Discussion, move it. thanks.

its easy taking everything apart bro…just make sure you keep all of the nuts and bolts together…actually you can leave some bolts in their location…after you loosen them, just puut them back in the same spot so that you know where everything goes…as far as torque specs…i checked out the hemls manual and got my specs from there…but some of the specs seemed to be too low…so i torque the bolts on the flywheel and clutch plate like 10 points over…but check out the helms manual…if you can’t find it here…i’ll e-mail you a copy from my hotmail e-mail account…let me know if you need it bro----

I did a write up here:

NZTeg i have a how-to’s website that im buliding and i was wondering if i can use my article on my page. i will definately give u credit of course.

kool page post… nasty looking flywheel.

s2kinteg916-- i have some cv boot stuff for your page if you want… go to ti and look for thread under DIY about changing cv boot.

Sorry to post whore… i changed my clutch once… i will get it done right from now