Clutch Not Disengaging.

Okay, first off it’s an A1 transmission, that I overhauled with new bearings. I also bought a kit off ebay, I don’t remember and names, but it came with a flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing (I intended on it being temporary for a few months while I saved for better quality parts, as I didn’t have any originals). The cable is one I got from a junkyard.

On to my problem…
It will not disengage the clutch, I don’t believe the cable is too stretched, but I could be wrong. I have taken the transmission out to inspect everything, every bolt was tight, it was assembled properly, and the shift lever is pushing the fork and bearing out and making contact with the pressure plate.
First I am going to try another cable, since that is the cheapest and at this point one of the more likely culprits.
I have also given thought to the idea that the clutch or flywheel are too thick. The clutch measures 8.3mm. But I have no others to measure. If this is the problem I have a fidanza flywheel that is worn I could use until I get a better clutch and pressure plate combo.

Any Ideas?

clutch won’t disengage, wtf is wrong?

I guess you are already learning the hard way, but the whole “short term fix” will end up costing you more time and money in the end.

Did you measure/check the size of the ebay throwout bearing compared to the old one? It may move properly, but if it’s the wrong size it will not contact properly. Also, make sure you adjust the clutch cable. You will actually have to turn the plastic nut to tighten up the cable if you need more throw in the pedal.

I don’t have an old one, this car was practically a gutted shell, and I did adjust the cable, I tightened it as far as possible to ensure it wasn’t that before I pulled the transmission.

Was it a brand new pressure plate installed or new to you?
The fingers get weak and the throw out bearing can’t push it in no matter how hard the cables tightened.

Brand new

To end this, it ended up being that it was too tight.
Originally, I took the slack out of the lever, but a friend told me I needed approx. 1/8" of freeplay.

I do believe the clutch disc is a tad bit too thick though, it feels like it’s slowing down the engine and there’s some noise when it is in gear with the clutch engaged. I’m going to just drive it and let it wear down some.