clutch pedal goes from light, to super heavy..

i just got my gs-r ys1 w/ fidanza flywheel into my ls integra about 0ne month ago. everything has been fine till recently. when i first drive my car in the morning the clutch pedal feels normal. but 15 minutes into my daily drive the clutch pedal starts to get really stiff. it is a big noticabel diffrence. when i leave my work and get in the car, the pedal feels fine… and then another 15 minutes into the drive, the pedal goes stiff again. is it the clutch? its a brand new exedy oem clutch! Can it be the clutch cabel? how can i check if its the clutch cabel? or to see if its to tight? i dont think its the clutch cabel because if it was then the problem would happen at all times. it feels that when the clutch gets heated up the problem starts. but i dont do any aggresive shifting, i just drive normaly. help…

did u do the installation right such as throw out bearing, clutch on the right side, maybe check your cable… and what type of clutch?

yeah i had my friend install it. he is the owner of INTEGRATED PERFORMANCE. he knows whats up. but hess been out of town the last two weeks and im tired of bugging him everytime something goes wrong! i wanna solve some problems on my own. if he had installed something wrong, dont you think the problem would of happened right after the installation and not a month after?.. its an exedy oem clutch… none of that cheap EBAY STAGE TWO clutches crap. all those weird clutches are no good…

ok you guys say check you’re “CLUTCH CABEL” but how do i check it? i checked and where the knob is to adjust it, their is a peice or ruber missing from the cabel… so i ripped it completly off… when i drive the car it feels fine… a few minutes into the drive the pedal fills really stiff… and it makes a weird noise … the noise is like a weird squeky noise from an old door that needs to be oiled up… help


start doing squats to make your leg stronger!!

Seriously though all the tension is caused by the pressure plate, you could play with your clutch cable but I doubt that it will affect the feel of the clutch pedal.

Is there anything else happening besides the stiff clutch feel?? clutch chatter etc.

it was the clutch cable guys. so if any ever has a similar problem they can check dat out. thanks guys

i know his problem was solved and all but in other cases the only way i could see the clutch cable being the cause of stiff pedal feeling is from a jacked up cable which is like kinked in the clutch arm and made the arm ride higher n higher up cable or something (i dunno if i described that right). maybe the rubber boot at that protects the cable got jacked up?

billys_da_integ what was wrong with ur clutch cable? was it worn out or was it installed improperly? did u have to replace it?

i ask cuz writing… [QUOTE=billys_da_integ;1814632]it was the clutch cable guys. so if any ever has a similar problem they can check dat out. thanks guys[/QUOTE]
is like saying “check under the hood” when someone says their car won’t start and is asking for help. vague…(did i spell that right?)

I know this thread is old, but I haven’t found another one like it. I’m having the same exact problem. My clutch cable snapped a while ago. I replaced it and adjusted the cable and pedal to the engagement height I liked. When I start to drive, how hard I have to press down is not that bad, but after about 15-20 minutes of driving it gets very difficult to press the clutch pedal down. Before the old cable snapped it was a breeze but now it’s very difficult and feels like a leg workout. I just got the car running again after not having driven it for a long time and will be playing with the cable adjustment over the next few days. I’ll post what happens with it after some more adjusting.

Is the cable kinked in any way? It should be routed as straight as possible and without any twisting.

Also, this is just a theory… but maybe the cable is expanding from heat, causing it to bind excessively? The reason i came up with this theory is because you guys say it gets very stiff after 10-15minutes of driving. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try to shield the cable from any heat sources and see if that works?