clutch pedal suddenly got very loose

i was driving down the road and my clutch pedal all of a sudden got real lose and its really hard to get into any of the gears !

is this my clutch cable?

thanks cfrasher ps: just put a exedy replacment in about 1200 miles ago

have you looked under the car to see if there is any transmission fluid leaking out.

yeah no fluid at all

idk whats wrong with it

thanks for your input i didnt think anyone was gonna reply lol

it doesnt make any sense i was just driving and then it just got loose :frowning:

mine gets more loose after driving on the highway (70-80mph) for alittle while. it stiffens back up after i change gears a few times. not sure way it happens but the car runs fine.

it needed to be adjusted
its fine now thought
wonder what caused it to loosen up ?

cool to see your from texas ill be goin there for air force basic in june

[QUOTE=cfrasher;2115443]it needed to be adjusted
its fine now thought
wonder what caused it to loosen up ?

cool to see your from texas ill be going there for air force basic in june[/QUOTE]

have you changed it out at all if not then maybe you should before it snaps or something it could be stretching out trust me its safer just to replace it better safe then sorry, it happened to me before on the freeway lol it was no fun luckily i had an extra at home to replace it though :slight_smile:

+1 Definately good advice. I had a clutch cable break on me in the drive-through. Luckily I didn’t rear end the car in front of me when my car lurched. I would replace it with a NEW cable. I say that because right after I fixed mine with a used cable, it snapped again leaving me to track down a replacement. For the time being though, you can adjust the nut on the cable near the transmission, and find some way to keep it from spinning out of adjustment.

thanks for the advice and input
i grealty appriciate it

hopefully my car will be close to done before i leave

this is what im goin for except black wheels with a chrome lip

oh cool man, what part of texas? fort hood by chance?

no lackland afb in san antonio for basic (8.5 weeks)
and 13 weeks after that for tech school

replace the cable asap!
same thing happened to my crx back in the days, the cable suddenly stretched so i adjusted it. A few days after it just snapped and left me stranded. Luckily my friend has a crx and carrys extra cables with him, since he always snaps them. No tools required the swap can be done with your hands.

thanks for the heads up

similar thing happened to me… except it doesnt seem to be real loose but the release point of the clutch is right on the floor now it used to be super high…and now the clutch releases instantly theres no way to slowly let it out possibly the cable as well?

you already tried adjusting your clutch cable? thats what it sounds like the problem is.

i tried tightening it, it didnt seem to change but i tightened it more and it fixed it

the strands on your clutch cable has broken, hence why the extra slack. You should replace the clutch cable soon, or carry a spare. The one on your car is bound to break very soon.

see mine does that i thought it was normal cause i have a “stage 2 clutch” so you can adjust the engagement point by the cable?