Clutch problem on 1991 Integra LS Special

Last night I was driving home and leaving a stop sign, when i went to shift into second gear, the clutch pedal suddenly felt as if there was barely any resistance to it. I can still shift gears while the car is on and drive, I just lost a lot of pedal resistance and now I have a very small spot where the clutch will engage. I was wondering if this could have been caused by my clutch cable stretching a little or if my pressure plate is going bad? This is my only vehicle and I rely on it to get back and forth to work so any help is appreciated.

If it just happened suddenly then i dont think your clutch is bad. I would check the cable though. It may be loose all of a sudden. It has an adjustment knob on it. Follow the cable all the way to the transmission and you will see it. Its pretty obvious.

Broken clutch spring(s). 94

well, on the way to work this morning and on the way back this afternoon the clutch was slipping really bad, so pretty sure the clutch is done. bought a new one from my work and am dropping the car off at a friend’s shop tonight, should be ready to go by saturday night at the latest.

Hope your clutch is good. It slightly sounds like when my cable stretched. I still had resistance, but it was only a small spot where it would engage.