Clutch problem

So today when I was sitting at a light and when I pressed clutch to shift into first gear I noticed a slight vibration coming though the pedal if that makes sense. The car drove fine and shifted fine just a slight vibration. So later we arrived at our house and i let the car sit for about 20min. I started the car and went to shift into reverse and noticed the clutch hard to depress. It feels like the clutch isn’t fully disengaging. What could cause this? Throw out bearing? Clutch cable?

check the cable tension adjust if needed. Does the trans make any noise with your foot on or off the clutch pedal.
Ive Had the pedal become hard to push many years ago and i remember the problem was the release spring on of the metal tabs broke off casing binding issues,could maybe be one of the springs in ur clutch came out as they like to on b series discs