Clutch Problems

Hi, I just had a brand new clutch installed less than one month ago and I am having problems. It has been very cold up here in NY and originally I thought that the cable was freezing or something but now there is absolutely no resistance in the pedal until about 4 inches from the floor then the clutch engages. It doesnt slip or anything but now it is getting hard to put the car into gear even with the pedal depressed all the way to the floor. There is almost some grinding. Also when I am stopped and in gear with the clutch depressed, it feels like the clutch isnt fully releasing and the rpm drop a little as if I am just beginning to accelerate. I dont know what the hell is going on here.

your cable adjustment nut may be stripped. try tightening it again, and if the same thing happens to you (or it doesn’t tighten at all) then you need a new one. relatively simple, cheap fix, provided you get your butt in gear and don’t try to keep driving the car the way it is.