clutch question

I have 118,000 miles on my '91 ls and the clutch is beginning to slip. my mechanic said the best clutch for more power is advanced clutch technologies. but at car shows most cars have a clutch masters stage 2 or 3. which is better?

I have an Action clutch, when I tell people that they say OH you mean ACT. I say no ACTION. But anyways…Alot more people
like the ACT clutch more.They are both good clutches, unless you plan on running into the 11’s I wouldnt worry about it that much.Just get a stage 2 or 3 and you will be fine.

i have the clutch masters stage 3 and it feels physically like a stock pedal when u push on it but it has amazing holding power…ive heard if u get the same cluch from ACT the clutch is much stiffer and can be a pain in the @$$ to push down all the time…personally i love the clutchmasters

I have an ACT clutch forgot what stage, hell it has a yellow pressure plate. Anyways, it is heavier than normal clutches but i like it. Makes me feel like i have a great clutch. Just my .02 cents

yeah tru but when im churping tires in 4th gear it makes me feel like i have a good cluch too:burnout:

Centerforce? How did you guys break your clutch in?
How many miles? … What type of driving?