Clutch Question.....

Hey all you experts,

Will a pressure plate from a 90-91 integra bolt up to a 92-93 flywheel?

The reason i ask this is because i’m putting a tranny from a 90-91(smaller spline on clutch disc) onto my 92. I will be replacing the whole clutch but its hard to find the pressure plate seperatly from the disc because they sell them in “kits” Anyway will i be able to by the kits for the 90-91 and be ok?

Thanks everybody

i dont think they do becuase u know u have to use disc from tranny year but i dont think plates line up as well as starters it seems like the teeth are a little different from 90-91 92-93

i just got my 2nd g2 last week and today got new tranny for it the trannys a 91 but my car is a 93 and im using a 91 disc with a 93 pressure plate im pretty sure this will work ive tried to search but having issues tring to find what i need

also on my other teg 92 with 94 b18c1 swap i tried a 91 plate on my 92 flyewheel and it didnt line up

All the pressure plates are interchangeable from 90-01. Same part number for all of them (Type R has diff. part number but will still work). Disk for 90-91 uses different spline count than 92-01.