Clutch Talk

Hey guys and gals, looking for some friendly guidance here. I’ve always used Exedy and Competition Clutch products but I’m in a bit of a bind right now. Got a friend who just got a 90 LS and needs a clutch but he a big jew and aint got a whole lot of cash. F1 Stage 2 with 12 pound flywheel on Ebay was only 250 and he can afford that. So question here is does anyone have any experience with them. I’ve found a lot of reviews online about these clutch’s and some people say there good and a few have complained but this is a BONE STOCK LS with I/H/E like any other DD. So since this website is devoted to just the G2 Integra’s and you guys always come to my rescue I’m here again looking for feedback and intel to ease our minds in this purchase. Thanks all.

For a bone stock DD i would just go with a OEM replacement clutch. NAPA is a good place for that. Some people will say buy from Acura but you’ll pay a good amount.

I agree with 91ls, no need for a stage 2 and lightened flywheel. Plus, 250 for a clutch and flywheel is extremely cheap so I’m guessing it’s low quality. Get the old flywheel machined and buy a stock replacement (name brand). It’ll probably be about the same money but nicer to drive and more reliable.

Im gonna be in the market for a new clutch soon. Mine is my DD and next Auto X season I plan on going to some events to get some seat time and I go up to the mountains on some curvy roads so I want something with some nice response that can hold up to the heat but is still DD friendly. I’ve driven a stage 4 clutch a couple of different times and hated it. Are there any good articles out there on clutches and the different stages? Also what does 6 puck and all that jazz mean. If anybody got point me in the right direction that would be lovely. Sorry to thread jack

Anything over a 2 stage IMO is a waste of money on a DD. If your going to track it,go with a stage 2. That’s what i have and its grate. There is also a good article on team integra and might (but i don’t know) on here. a 3 would be good but IMO to stiff and will burn out way to fast if you don’t ingage it proprly.

OP. Tell your friend that this is not something to cheap out on. Its a lot of time and money/time and effort into changing a clutch and unless he want to pay to get done a second time to buy a qualitly clutch and don’t skimp by reuseing bearings and such. At a minimum I would recomend wa napa clutch, but he would be better off spending and extra 100 dollars on an exedy oem replacement

DATeg35. For you. I’m not gonna recomend a certain stage but imo any thing daily driven should get a sprung clutch. Maybe some else can chime in on the difference between 3 4 6 puck styles

dont buy any of that F1 ebay crap… they are low quality clutches… not only that, it will probably make ur clutch pedal rediculously stiff!!! some parts are just name brands… their are also some stuff u can go cheap on when building a car… THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!! stick to respectable companys when to comes to something as important as a clutch. for his set up… their is no need for any type of stage… i would stick to OEM replacement. just resurface his stock flywheel (about 20 dollars at any machine shop) and get an exedy oem replacement. i u se it all the time on ppls car that i work on… no a single problem… nice and light clutch pedal feel and reliable and it can still take a beaten here and their. i buy from these guys… i live in cali so i pick up my stuff at their warehouse… as u can see on ebay they sell nothing but clutches and have a perfect score… sold over 75,000 clutches… all positive scores

I think i got a clutch from them as well an the clutch is still fine in a friends car

Well that’s actually the same company I was going to order the clutch kit from and I’ve used Exedy before and I can destroy those in like 6 months. Yes these cars are DD but at he same time Wed threw Sat night and sometimes even Sun night we are racing the shit out of them. But all opinions have been noted and appreciated but still trying to find someone who has actually used an F1 Clutch.