CO: 3 pc wing, 1 pc Stanleys, Thermal Research muff, misc (rather not ship)

As I’ve already got a new car in the driveway and reduced my GSR down to super-low price, it’s become obvious I’m going to get more by selling individual parts.

I might ship the small stuff, but for the larger it’s probably not worth the hassle/cost.


Pics of the spoiler

Same as this

pics of jdm 1-pieces?

What you asking for the one pieces?

It says 350 in his ad.
More info on spoiler? Its a rep I assume?

The headlights aren’t NIB, but in barely used condition.

I don’t see any identifying marks on the wing, I was told it’s a WW, but might be a knockoff. My old WW didn’t have a center post but I know WW made later ones with the center post.

Anyone know where a makers mark would be on the wing?

there is no contact information, I didn’t want to email you through craigslist, since we are fellow members of this magnificent page G2IC. can you text me, I am interested in the 1 pieces and 3 piece headlights…

text me 516 351 9537

Hi Georgio, sorry I didn’t see this earlier it’s like 1am in NYC right now so I won’t text tonight, but the CL ad goes to my main yahoo mail that I check daily.


-Stock headlights, Muffler, Steering rack/ends, and intake are gone. 1 pc are still avail. The 93 GS-R found a good local home too. The new owner is going to do the body work, paint it and Keep It Original!

One other update, the wing actually doesn’t have a center post- I could have sworn it did, maybe that was the one on my LS, but this one doesn’t. I’ve got pics I can text if anyone wants to see the actual, but it’s just like the WW in shape and size just no center post.

willing to ship both sets of the tail lights?

I’ll ship if the price is worth while. Shoot me a zip and I’ll figure out an estimate.

28609, can you send me pics and text me 828 215 eleven eighteen.

How much to ship to 43123?

pics of the clear