CO: HAI Spring Meet Red Rocks May 25th

Hey guys,

Everyone is shooting for 1:00, but show up and leave when you want. Last years meet was pretty sweet. I'll keep this post updated on any changes. I would love to meet some other G2IC guys. Spread the word. L8ter

Damn, your hitting up every site. I will try and come, but I don’t know anyone from HAI.

Ohh Im pretty sure you know at least one:)

Hmmm I might have to knock off work early, next friday

I know man, but I love having big meets and meeting new people LOL It’s not just HAI at all, everyone that was at that small meet you came to will be there. It should just be called the Colorado Import Meet!! If I didn’t I don’t know if anyone else would. And I have a lot of friends on these forums. LOL Also, remember it’s May 25th, a month away. :slight_smile:

Just giving you a hard time. Hey Glynn it’s MAY 25th.

LOL, hows the DB running?

Like crap. I can’t get a TPS to calibrate after swapping intake manifold and throttle body. It doesn’t idle well. I need to do a valve adjustment. I also need to replace my passenger side window motor. Oh and I need to finish removing my abs and replace a rear caliper. Other than that it runs great. Plus the weather has sucked up here. Hopefully I will have it done by May 5 for some auto-x. I wanted to do the hpde in peublo on the weekend of the 16, but it is already full and I’m not sure it will be ready to handle that yet.

LOL thanks man, leave it to my blind ass:rofl:


Well, I’m finally making some progress. All I need to do is bleed the brakes and she’s good to go. But I won’t be able to get her out of the shop until the weekend (damn weather). I also got a new steering wheel that I will try and install. And once that is done, get it registered.

Bump for great turnout!!

Colorado Springs guys! We are meeting at GW between 10:00 & 10:30 and we can cruise up there together. We can also get some group pics before we head up. Let me know if you guys think of anywhere else that would be better. We can just shoot up powers and bypass Academy. It’s pretty cool cruising up there together. Spread the word!

The DA’s going into the shop tomarrow for a little rad support fixing, Im hoping to have it out and back together in time for this meet.

wish me luck fellas:cross:

What happened? I had to do a little fixing myself on my rad support when I bought the car. Nothing a big hammer couldn’t fix.

Couldnt tell you, looks like he went under a beg truck or something. it realy isnt that bad, but bad enuff where the bumper is pushed in and the front corner of the fender was crushed in.

I dont thing a hamers gonna do the trick.

just talked to some one at delray acura, my parts where being cross shipped(what ever that means) but they recieved them today and there being shipped out to me today:excite:

GL man! Hope to see you there!


I should have taking mine to a body shop, but didn’t have the money and thought it would be a goo learning experience. It doesn’t look the best, but it works and saved a few dollars.