CO: WTB '90 or '91 Manual Transmission

Hey guys. :wave:

So when the teg slid off the road earlier this year, I ended up cracking a transmission. :sad:
I unfortunately need a new one, or a good housing that I can swap my internals into. I would need help to swap the internals, but I’m willing to pay decently if someone has a cable b-series transmission in good condition.

Whole Transmission:
-Needs to be a manual
-No grids into any gear at any RPM
-New pilot/throwout bearing preferred
-Must be a '90-'91, the '92-'93 transmissions have a larger diameter input shaft and can’t be used with my clutch assembly.

Value would be added for new parts, fresh rebuild, etc, but realistically, I can only afford $250-$300 (let me know if I need to come up or down based on the trend of prices right now).

Shoot me an asking price/pictures to, worst I can say is I can’t afford it.

I’d pay up to $75 for a good case I could swap my interals into, but I’d appreciate some help doing so if that’s the route I have to go.

Also on the lookout for stock or near-stock suspension, or a way to raise BWR DC-specific coilovers (wrench/adjusting tool).

Thanks for looking, once again, contact is