CO. WTB: OEM 92/93 Front Lip, Bra, USDM Arm Rest Base

In Colorado, looking for OEM front lip for 92/93 as well as front hood bra or complete bra. Have decent upper arm rest so looking for a worn out one or just the base.

I have a good condition lower armrest with a worn and slightly broken upper. Graphite black in color. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll grab a pick for you.

Here’s a couple pics. I noticed it has a crack on the bottom though

It MIGHT not be noticeable when installed.

What would you like for it & thanks for the reply.

How about $45 shipped and paypalled? Or make an offer if that seems too much. Honestly the top is shot and since the lower section has a crack it’s not worth too much. I can get you more pictures too if you’d like to see the condition any more.

I have a mint condition hood bra. If interested, text me 4056380569

Vouch for RollinMyDA (not that he needs one, given his trader score)… But all around good guy and honest salesman.

Sounds good. Will PM you. Thanks!

Thanks for that. Kinda or that impression for him being straight up about the condition of his piece. This is why I love G2 owners. Some of the most honest no bullshit enthusiasts around!

Thanks Sean!

There actually isn’t pm on this site but feel free to contact me via email @ or text @ 530-321-9334. Thanks!

Shot you a message from 361 area code. Get back to me at your convenience.


i have a hood bra if you want to purchase it. text me 5593620392