Code 12

I found out that my code was not 38 it is 12 but still I’m not finding this code anyone help me on this one. On my list it didn’t show a 12 for the integra.

is your car auto or manual?

Code 12

Auto :tsk:

unless i’m mistaken the auto 90 teg has an EGR valve which is what code 12 is…

does the car have rough idle? check the vacc line to the egr

if you give the egr vac it should stall the car

the valve should be on the trans side of the back of the head next to or on the intake manifold

Ok I looked around the engine last night and the only thing I could find is the hose that comes from the intake and does an s that mounts to the bottom of the intake and goes under the engine the hose is being sucked flat. I took the hose loose and pluged the hole and the car died. I would post a picture of what I’mtalking about but I don’t know how.

The hose is about 1/2’ comes out of the intake second from the right nipple from the front of the engine and goes down by the injectors and goes into a fitting that mounts through the intake and the other end goes to a hose that I think goes gown to the trasmission but I’m not 100% sure of that.

hey im going to take a picture of munes shortly

will email you the results