Code 15.. ignition output signal

I was sitting in a parking lot talking to a buddy of mine them BLUUUUGHGHGH car dies. No sounds, it just dies. I got a ride back to my house, about 10 blocks and look at my code list. Came up with code 15, ignition output signal. I grabbed a few tools and went back. Took the cap off and it all looked cool inside. Mind you this is at 10:30 pm. I unplugged the wires going to the distributor and plugged them back in. Perfect… it starts.

What does this code really mean though? Could it have been the wires were coming loose? How do I check to see if it might have been the ignighter or coil??

have you even tried searching? there are many threads detailing about this problem.

2x post haha

I did search but came up with different things like tires for sale and junk. Maybe I didnt use the right words.

Thanx for the help thread Spikey. It was my ignitor that was crap