Code 17 help

after i was tightening the timingbelt, and putting the igniter and ignition coil into my b16a, also advanced the timing to 18 degrees
I test drove my car after and “Code 17” (Vehicle Speed Sensor) blinks on my ecu, i reset the ecu for about 10 secs and it stills doesnt go away. Also, my tach doesn’t display how fast im going.

How did I get Code 17, did the stuff that i did caused it, how?
I jumped the green/white wire and the brown wire together, when i advanced the timing. I don’t have another ecu to test the problem, so is there any other way.?

I’ve decided to reset the ecu again, for the rest of the night to see if there is any change before i go to work.
keep you posted

Nope, nothing change, still can’t tell how fast i’m going and the code 17 is still activated.

does anyone got any idea what i should do

check the speed cable. This connect on the tranny itself. it has a speed wire and two hoses attached to it. Its located on the back of the tranny

checked it, it is pushed all the way in. Took it out and put it back.

Is it possible that i could of broke the speed sensor mechanism, when i was manually moving the crank pulley as i put it into TDC. Or that cable is being a bad connection somewhere.