code 17(vss) from hell

ok so i have a gen2 b16 swap in my 92 integra. i matched it up to a j1 b16 lsd tranny. i keep getting a code 17 for vss after i drive it for about 5 mins the CEL turns on and once that happens vtec will no longer engage. since then ive replaced the speedo cable and cluster. the speedo works great with zero problems. could it be the Ecu. i got my ecu from it was a po6 converted to p28 then chiped for a b16. what else could it be.

Does the output signal from the VSS (looked at from the ECU) vary between 0 and 12V like it is supposed to?

When you do the pencil test with the speedo cable, does the signal vary 4 times per revolution?

All paths in the Helms pretty much lead to either bad wiring or ECU.

how do i check for output from the vss? which wire is it?
what is a pencil test?

today i drove car to work and it was doing it and it was hot out side, but driving home from work it was colder but it didnt act up at all. its annoying cause it randomly does it.

I was referring to different tests that the Helms mentions.

You can look up which wire it is. I don’t know off the top of my head. Just search for OBD1 pinout on google.

The pencil test is you turn the spot where the speedo cable goes on the back of your gauge cluster and make sure it is outputting 4 signals per revolution.

Honestly, I would just assume it is a bad trace on the ECU and see about getting another one.