code 22 help

well today i went out to the 1/8th mile drag strip to run… ran some decent numbers… but later that day i started having code 22 issues… i’m not sure why it gave me code 22, (vtec pressure switch) i reset the ecu a few times… kept getting it, i ran home (track is like a mile away from where i live) pulled off vtec solenoid and switch off… cleaned the little screen out, re assembled everything, checked continuity from ecu to pressure switch… good, checked pressure switch, good, started car after reset of ecu again… code 22 again when car starts… drove it to the track… pulled out the 10mm plug on front of head where u check oil pressure… purged it (till oil came out) then plugged it again… reset ecu and no code 22… ran my first eliminations and won … 9.491 @ 73.89 mph, 2.142 60’ .668 rt (1/8th)…
went back to pits and parked it… when my class came up again, had another code 22… anyone got any ideas… i tried doing the “purging” that worked before… but it didnt work this time… … so i had to drop out of the race… no sense running without vtec.
can someone help me with this? i’ve gotta figure out whats up with intermittant code 22’s?
thanks in advance.

ttt, anyone?

ttt, come on i know someone’s gotta have some idea