Code 4. please help

ok guys i searched and couldn’t find what i was looking for. i found similar problems but not the same.
this morning i was driving to work and all of a sudden it started backfiring and acting weird. this is about 2 weeks after finishing my headgasket job so i was thinking it had something to do w/ that. i checked the ECU and i got a code 4 which is Crankshaft Position Sensor. the thing is… i can drive the car fine when below 3.5k rpm’s. after that it backfires and starts driving bad. i went back home and checked my timing and it was off a lil bit so i fixed it and took it for a drive again. for about 30 seconds it drove fine and let me take it above 3.5k without it acting up. then it started giving me problems again. i checked my connections to the distributor and all is well. is it something inside of the distributor i should replace or the whole thing? or is it something different? thanks in advance.

The distributor actually has 3 sensors in it, the CKP–Crankshaft Position Sensor failure will give code 4. I would try to borrow a freinds distributor if possible and swap it on to see if the problem goes away. You probably need a new distributor unless you can find a way to replace the sensor if they will even sell it separately. This info is from the helms manual, you should get a copy off ebay for like $5.

I had the same problem. Get new distributor and make sure it comes with new igniter. I think that’s what you call it. Its a little piece that goes inside the distributor. I changed it no more check engine light.

put another distributor in and it drove fine for the 5 mins or so that i drove it. gonna pick up another one and hopefully that fixes it.

picked up another distributor and drove perfectly fine for 4 days or so. drove the car to work this morning and it immediately started giving me the same problem. won’t let me rev past 3500. so i drove it to work anyways this time and just drove slow. drove it back home and for about 10 mins or so it drove fine again. so now im thinking that it wasn’t the distributor because it is the same exact problem and same code 4. anyone think it could be an electrical problem somewhere? or any other suggestions? thanks alot in advance.

try testing the specs on the ignition coil and ignitor.

^ places like cskauto (checkers, shucks, kragens) and autozone test distributor parts for free… i would just buy one from autozone, cant beat a lifetime warrenty. :slight_smile:

did you buy a remanufactured distributor? if so, don’t assume it won’t be faulty

i checked the specs for the ignitor coil on both my old distributor and a rebuilt one. both read .2 ohms resistance. and that is out of spec. maybe im checking it wrong but its weird how they are both the same.

buy a brand new one and check the specs on that to be sure you are doing it right. chances are you are and its just a bad distributor

update - haven’t had time to get a new distributor yet so i decided to bring it into work again today. started acting up about 1.5 miles from my house all the way to work. my work is 20 miles away. however, my drive home was perfectly fine. the whole way!!! i dont understand what is going on. i still think that it is not the distributor.

well when my distributer went it was wierd, i was low on gas and thought i ran out it kept dying so i got gas and same thing, after 3 times getting towed home a friend told me it was the igniter and sure enough it fixed it. it was weird it would run for 10 mins normal then die.

its not dying though. i can still drive it when it acts weird. i just can’t rev past 3.5k. kinda slow driving but…

today drove to and from work fine w/ no problems. 40 miles… :think:

oh i know im just saying sensors do wierd things to a car

np man thanks for the input. i’ll post up again when it starts actin up again i guess…

what exactly does that sensor do and will a obd-0 dist. work for obd1?

no a obd1 distributor will NOT work in an obd0 car or vise-versa unless you are using a jumper harness to convert it to that on board diagnostics system.