Code 43 HELP

Hey guys tonite i powerwashed my whole engine. i waited for it to cool off all the way, it only steamed a bit while cleaning it. i waited 15min. for it to dry and then took off. i ripped a quick run through the first 2 gears and then about 1-2min later i got a CEL. so i got home and it read off code 43. i turn the car off let it warm up and no light comes on. take it for a quick ride still no light. when i get home though the ECU still is throwing code 43? any ideas what caused it. Thanks alot guys.

It’s still throwing the code because you did not reset the ECU. The code 43 is most of the time related to the O2 sensor… Try to do the ECU reset procedure to check if it comes back. (Mostly not, this was probably caused by the wash)