code 43

Has anyone here success fully removed this code and have a check engine free?

Numerous members report this as being a tricky code to fix…

I had it pop up on me after a 40mi drive. After letting it sit for a few days, it never came back.

It is a fuel system code, but I didn’t research it a whole lot after it went away.

I had this code pop one time myself… it happened right after a radiator hose popped sprsying coolant all over my engine bay…

Same as what Unified said a couple days later after pulling my negative cable 1 more time to clear the code it never came back.

could indicate low fuel pressure, a crossed wire on an injector could throw it… the list could be long. easiest thing to do is check fuel pressure & injector wiring for and cuts in the wire insulation.

a bad o2 sensor would also pop a code 43