Code 6 - Teg Tips Discrepancy

Hey guys, I need a little help or clarification. My VTEC isn’t engaging after the rebuild. The car runs great, but the VTCE no longer kicks in and the engine light stays on. Just checked the CEL and it’s throwing a Code 6. According to the ECU Codes in the Teg Tips, Code 6 is the Crank Angle. Everywhere else I’ve checked (including the Helm’s Manual), it states Code 6 is the Engine Coolant Temperature.

Can you guys tell me if the Engine Coolant Temperature would keep the VTEC from kicking on? This is on a B17.


i could be wrong but I think one of the conditions that has to be met is the engine coolant temperature has to be in range (ie the car has to be warmed up). If the sensor isn’t working right, the ecu would never have this condition met so it would stop the mAd VTaCK from KiCkInG in.

Pull your radiator cap and check your coolant level. If the level is too low, the sensor might not be able to register the temp. This probably isn’t the problem, but is real easy to check.

Thanks fellas!

I checked the coolant level last night and it was on point. I’m going to pick up a new Engine Coolant sensor today and see if that takes care of the problem. I’m about 600 into the break-in period so I hope to have this little problem fixed by the time I hit 1,000 miles.

I was hoping to get a code 22 or something directly related to the VTEC, but nothing; just a code 6. Oil level is good so I can rule that out; and the speedo cable is in place so I doubt that’s the problem.

If you guys have any other ideas, please let me know.

Helms says that you should:

  1. Get engine to operating temp (says to wait for fans to come on)
  2. Turn ignition off
  3. Disconnect the connector from the sensor
  4. Measure resistance between 2 terminals on ECT Sensor -
    Is there 200 - 400 Ohms between them?
    No:Replace ECT Sensor
    Yes: you have a problem with wiring harness, or ECU is bad.

For the “Yes” portion it has a large flow chart to diagnose the wiring and ECU, if you need it, just ask, and I can get it for you. But do the first test before buying a ECT Sensor, it would be a waste to put it in, and find you have a clipped wire, or bad ECU (doubtful, but possible)

Thanks operator207…funny thing is I just found out the damn wires to the connector (from the harness) were barely hanging on to the sensor. No wonder it was throwing that code! I’m going to solder the wires back onto the connector today after work.

My only condern now is whether or not that will reoslve the VTEC issue. I guess I’m just having trouble correlating coolant temp to VTEC engagement.

Either way, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Well, I’m happy to report that was it! The two wires to the connector were severed so I jerry-rigged new connectors to the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor and the CEL turned off; VTEC is back!!! I haven’t taken it passed 6,200k…still got about 300 miles left to finish breaking in the engine; I juts had to rev it high enough to know it was kicking in again.

The only thing I noticed is that there was a slight bog when the VTEC kicked in a couple of times. I’ll take a look at it this weekend after it’s broken in.

Thanks again for all your guys’ input!

If the ecu does not know what the temp of the engine is, and engages when the engine is cold, you could do damage since the engine is not up to temp.

Thanks for the explanation bro!

no problem.