Code 9 Troubleshooting.

Hey there,

Recently, I was driving my car and the check engine light came on. I never had a check engine light come over for the past 4 years of owning my DA. I checked the red led light on the ecu and it beeped code 9, which is 1st cylinder position sensor. I was wondering what is wrong? How did it happened? How do I fix it?

I did a few searches online and noticed the Cylinder Position Sensor is located in the distributor? Would it accquire me to buy a new distributor? Let me know, thanks in advance.

I had the same problem and this was my solution

Hey thanks for the link. I’ve just return from my uncle’s house and I bolted off his distributor off his DA and tried it on. Problem fixed. So it’s the CYP sensor inside the distributor that went bad or isn’t working good. I’m just going to replace the whole entire distributor. I did opened it but some screws were stripped and I wasn’t able to remove it to the point where I can access the CYP sensor. I figure it’s easiest to just replace the whole unit.


That was a wise choice:up: