Codys build thread

This is where the car started out, about as ricey and beat as I have ever stated a project with. Its a 1993 LS Special with cloth interior, car has almost 240k miles on it, the PO claimed the engine had be rebuilt but I will probably grab a spare b18 ls engine to be safe, more than likely it will get a full rebuild with mostly factory parts. It has ebay lowering springs on it with kyb gr-2 struts with means the car rides okay but rolls far more than I like, currently leaning towards getting some cxracing coilovers once my bank account recovers from buying this first round of parts haha. The p/s has been deleted along with the cruise control and a/c. There is a no name header on the car (might keep the header and heat wrap it) along with the dumbest exhasut I have ever seen, so that will be pretty high on the list of things to replace. Im going to extend the cold air intake and box it in behind the passenger headlight. Also, there is no headunit in the car, it is going to be a track focused car but will get dailyed for quite a while so it will have to get some audio stuff, any subs will be quick and easy to remove. My overall goal for the car is for it to be a great autocross/touge car while still being comfortable enough to haul my kids and have me drive it most days to and from work.
First order of business is to get the car running and driving right. Known issues:
Front upper ball joints are shot/ Ordered ebay camber arms with ball joints
Tie rod ends have far too much slop/ Got new ones at O’Reillys
Rear trailing arm bushings are bad/ Ordered Poly replacements off ebay along with a camber kit so we ca align the car
Small exhuast leak at the header
JB welded distributor cap/ Bought a new one
Terrible battery relocation…one of the worst that I have ever seen, battery wires twisted together and electrical taped, terminals almost falling off, no battery box, battery held up with a a bungie cord ect.:bang: I have a marine battery box so that will go in, along with some solder and fresh terminials
Doors do not want to unlock, are pretty dented, and have serious electrical issues/ Buying good condition used ones today
Stupid “euro” tails that have a bunch of water in them
Front fenders are not great, looks like the po put them on and didnt bother to set any panel gap…gonna have to find new ones
Hood has a couple dents and probably close to 5 pounds of bondo in it, doubt I will try to save it but you never know

I had a set of 15x6.5 Rays CE28N wheels in bronze with fresh Kumho tires sitting at my house when I got the car so I grabbed some neochrome lugnuts and threw them on

Scored some 50/50 tails as well to replace the euro’s

Got a pile of parts yesterday and have a few more coming in today trough oriellys, we are going to do some work to the car after I get off work tonight including new tie rod ends, oil change with Valvoline VR-1 10-30 and Bosh filter, wink mirror install, figure out why there is so much side to side slop in the shifter, put the new taillights in, new ignition cap, rotor, and plugs and that should about cover it. All my camber arms and poly bushings should be here early next week on my days off so those will go right on and the car will be headed to the alignment shop hopefully late next week. Might cut a couple dead coils out of the lowering springs while we are under the car so that it sits a little better as well. Anyway, time to go make the car look and drive better!

You forgot to mention that it has NOS haha. Also those wheels and tail lights will make the car look worlds better for not much wrench time. I’m guessing the battery is in the hatch area?

It has a bunch of empty NOS containers in it so no more spray :loser: Yeah the battery is in the hatch, I will grab some pictures of how its in there before we fix it. The “euro” tails piss me off to no end, may make a youtube video of what happens to them after we get them off the car :gotrice:

Got my new taillights on, car looks so much better!
My front and rear camber arms should be here Tuesday or Wednesday and will be going on Wednesday, we are going to cut a coil or two front and rear to get the height right, then its off to the alignment shop. Once that’s done ita time to get the front end and doors looking better and get the battery box in and bolted down, as well as building a lighter exhaust that’s not assembled with random bits of pipe and shit welds

Got the camber arms, rear trailing arm bushings, oil pressure gauge snd new tie rod ends installed and a half ass alignment done. Also painted the valve cover and threw a frssh gasket on so its been a busy weekend. We still have a few finishing touches to knock out but all the big stuff is done for a couple weeks. Next up on the to-do list is fixing the battery relocation setuo which is far from safe and then its time tk start getting the body work taken care of. Pics will be up here in the next couple days

Got a new battery cable installed and threw a battery box in the car so it’s a little bit better, I still need to get a battery that won’t vent and a better tie down setup but I feel a good bit better about how it’s setup now. I did manage to break the cheap ass short throw shifter so I’m now on the hunt for a new shifter, gonna redo the linkage bushings while I’m doing that so I don’t feel like I’m shifting a semi-truck haha