coil-overs or sportlines?

i got pro-kit springs on my sedan and i want it to go a little lowe, i got 16s on my car and there is alot of wheel gap. i’m wondering if i should buy a set of new cheap $129 coilovers and go as low as i want to, or buy some used(for a month) sportline springs for $60

i know a skunk2 coilover 4 sale… $150… no worry bout shipping eh. email me if ur interested…

oooo sportlines 60 bucks where?!?! i have coilovers right now, some weapon R ones, kinda bouncy :confused: i want springs

the sportlines i’m looking at is used, the dude used it for a month and switched ou for progress springs with new struts for autoxing.
so he said he’d sell em to me for $80, not 60 like i said before.
i bought my pro-kits for 180 new from a shop here

well if your not getting those springs from him im surly interested