Coilovers!!! What should I buy????

Can’t decide what coilovers to buy for my build, torn between skunk2 pro2s and ksports, have heard good things about gc/koni setup aswell but I kinda want a one piece design. Build is a daily/ weekend car, not to worried about a stiff ride, the roads around me are pretty nice :), any help would be appreciated!

Howdy! Hope an experienced person would chime in. One buddy here got Skunk2 pro2s and never heard any complain. Haven’t heard any update though since he moved.

Double post, not sure what happened here.

Double post, delete.

I don’t know how much they have changed the k-sports, but I would probably go with koni/gc out of those options. I went with PIC selects and have been quite happy with them, but they weren’t cheap when I got them, and I don’t think they sale them anymore.

what advantage is there to a 1pc vs the koni/gc besides nothing at all…

get the koni/gc and be done with it. there hasnt been another set up comparable to what the koni/gc offers for the price. theres a reason why everyone uses it. nothing compares…

I’m still rolling on GC/Koni Yellows from 2000. The shocks are blown right now but I babied these things. They last forever. I was thinking about going down the Function and Form Type 1 coilover setup soon, but it’s mainly from a cost perspective. The ground controls I have are seized up mainly because I wasn’t able to keep those threads clean after 6 years in salt-prone Maryland. They weren’t rusted at all, but I think the particles got in there and I can’t adjust them (not that I ever wanted to).