Cold lower radiator hose?

After driving my car for awhile i felt the lower radiator hose and it felt cold, also like there wasnt anything in it.The top one was hot. My car doesnt overheat (stays a little below the half way mark after warmed up). Also my fan doesnt come on at all. The thermostat and waterpump are only about a year old and there are no coolant leaks. Any ideas?

Here’s an idea…your car is running like it’s supposed to!

shouldnt there be coolant running threw the lower one though?

my radiator is also only like a year and 1/2 old

i believe your car is fine. if there are no signs of problems you should be good. like you said no leaks and everything is working perfectly.

hmm… the only problem i do get is after its warmed up it idles kinda low and the car shakes and when i go to start it up shortly after i just drove it, it will start up then the idle drops really low. dunno if that has anything to do with it though

that just means you need some new motor mounts prolly just wore out and if its idling low after warm just take two secs and a flat head screwdriver and adjust your idle. It doesn’t idle low at first due to your fitv.

The lower hose is going to be colder than the top hose. Coolant flows through the engine out the upper hose, through the radiator to cool, and out the lower hose through the thermostat back into the engine.

Your car is perfectly fine.


yup… all is good from what is mentioned.