Cold Mornings = Loud Noises

Cold mornings do not agree with Nobley. As soon as fall comes around, he becomes tempermental and screams when he’s woken up.

When reversing and the brakes are applied, a loud sound comes from the rear brakes. It isn’t a high pitched screeching brake sound. Instead, it’s a dull moan type sound. A friend of mine with a 92 gsr has the same problem and we’ve passed it off as there being condensation/moisture on the rotor and with the caliper making contact and with pressure being applied, the sound is produced.

The rear brake noise use to freak me out as the first time I heard it, I thought I backed over a small animal. I’ve since gotten use to but it still irks me come cold weather season (70-59 degrees here in coastal Southern California).

We’ve also run into another similar problem. On those cold mornings our springs squeek at every bump in the road.

So we have moaning breaks and squeeky springs. Do any other g2’s have the same problems? If so, do you know what the cause is?

Thanks in advance.

Same thing happened to me during cold weather in Germany(10-30 degrees) I am pretty sure the squeeking sound is the suspension bushings. The brke sound is just the sound the brakes make before they warm up. If they continue to make that sound, then there might be something wrong.

Mine 91LS used to do the same thing a while ago. I kinda got used to it, actually, I’m not even sure when it stopped, and it may just be coincidence, but I recently replaced my rear brake pads, and now that I think of it, I haven’t heard it since before then. It probably just is coincidence, but it couldn’t hurt to check your brakes. Or maybe something to do with your e-brake, maybe one or the other is sticking.