Color stuck.

Well guys my da has been in my buddy’s shop getting all the body work done. It’s getting close to being painted. The problem is that I can’t choose a color. It’s currently factory Milano red. I can go back with this color if I want. I have a gallon of chroma premeir. I can also color change the whole if I’d like but I can’t decide.
I really wanna go jasper green but if I’m color changing the car why would I go with a factory color? Lol this has been eating me up latly lol
I made this purple maroon color the other day and this picture does no justice to eithier color.

So I am asking for everyone’s opinion!

I would personally stick with milano red but that’s just me.

Man I love Milano red. But I see wayyyyy to many red das. Almost everyone has one lol.

i say keep it classy and if you are gonna change it…change it to like those new GM pearl browns or those really heavy metallic dark pewter would look amazing…

Man I do love that gm brown color lol butt idkkk

Don’t steer away from a color (jasper) simply because its a factory color… If YOU like it, go with it. You’re the one that has to drive and own the car.

I had a hard time choosing a color also, and ended up mixing a custom color that was close to OEM (horizon gray but darker).

Like I said, go with what you want or else you won’t be happy.

Well that was some good advice. Thxs unified.

HOT Thong pink…:umno:

Well I made some progress this week. Still haven’t decided on a color yet though lol. Well bad news we found some rust in the rear quater so I went to my buddy’s house who has a parts car and cut out his rear quater with a Sawzaw lol.
Man I felt bad having to do it but my car needs it. Come to find out my cars rear quarter was replaced and whoever did it didnt put the sunroof drain hose back through the chassis hole. So everytime it rained it would just drain into the inside of the rear quarter witch is why there’s rust now. Assholes! Lol should be done puttin the new rear quater end by the end of the weekin.

Do what i did and go with “New Formula Red”. Its a nice red and beats dealing with the tri-color process you have to do with the milano red and i think its a lil cheaper too.